Jedi Apprentice

Jedi Apprentice is a young-reader series written by Jude Watson and Dave Wolverton. It tells the adventures of Qui-Gon Jinn and his padawan learner Obi-Wan Kenobi before the events of Episode I.

#TitleTimelineRelease Date
1The Rising Force44 BBY5/3/1999
2The Dark Rival44 BBY5/3/1999
3The Hidden Past44 BBY8/1/1999
4The Mark of the Crown44 BBY10/1/1999
5The Defenders of the Dead44 BBY12/1/1999
6The Uncertain Path44 BBY2/1/2000
7The Captive Temple44 BBY4/1/2000
8The Day of Reckoning44 BBY6/1/2000
9The Fight for Truth44 BBY8/1/2000
10The Shattered Peace44 BBY10/1/2000
11The Deadly Hunter43 BBY12/1/2000
12The Evil Experiment43 BBY2/1/2001
13The Dangerous Rescue43 BBY4/1/2001
14The Ties That Bind41 BBY8/1/2001
15The Death of Hope41 BBY10/1/2001
16The Call to Vengeance41 BBY12/1/2001
17The Only Witness40 BBY2/1/2002
18The Threat Within40 BBY3/1/2002
SE1Deceptions44 & 29 BBY7/1/2001
SE2The Followers39 & 29 BBY4/1/2002

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