Star Wars Literature

A lot of work here to do!

We’re going to tackle a lot here, listing as many books as we can. We will list the legends cannon, the current cannon, in-universe books. Everything is fair game. And perhaps, this will help me manage my own books.

  • Current Canon
  • Legends
  • Cookbooks
  • In-Galaxy Reference Guides
  • Reference Books

Timeline of Star Wars Book Series

SeriesCanon TimelineLegends Timeline
Jedi Apprentice44 – 40 BBY
Jedi Quest28 – 23 BBY
Secret Missions22 BBY
The Last of the Jedi18.5 – 18 BBY
Adventures in Wild Space18 BBY
Servants of the Empire5 BBY
Galaxy of Fear0 – 1 ABY
Junior Jedi Knights22 ABY
Young Jedi Knights23 – 24 ABY
New Jedi Order
Legacy of the Force
Fate of the Jedi
Flight of the Falcon

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