Young Jedi Knights

Young Jedi Knights is a young-adult fourteen volume series written by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta. The story follows the adventures of Jacen and Jaina Solo and introduces a new generation of Jedi Apprentices.

#TitleTimelineRelease Date
1Heirs of the Force23 ABY6/1/1995
2Shadow Academy23 ABY9/1/1995
3The Lost Ones23 ABY12/1/1995
4Lightsabers23 ABY3/1/1996
5Darkest Knight23 ABY6/1/1996
6Jedi Under Siege23 ABY9/1/1996
7Shards of Alderaan23 – 24 ABY1/1/1997
8Diversity Alliance24 ABY4/1/1997
9Delusions of Grandeur24 ABY7/1/1997
10Jedi Bounty24 ABY10/1/1997
11The Emperor’s Plague24 ABY1/1/1998
12Return to Ord Mantell24 ABY5/1/1998
13Trouble on Cloud City24 ABY8/1/1998
14Crisis at Crystal Reef24 ABY12/1/1998
Young Jedi Knights – Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo, Lowbacca, Tenel Ka Djo, Anakin Solo, Zekk, and Tahiri

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