A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms


10,000 Gold Dragons for the return of Ser Pounce!

Greetings Ser Pounce(s)! Ser Pounce being the name of the cat of King Tommen, first of his name, defender of the seven kingdoms… I told you I have cat references.

Before we continue, if you haven’t watched episode 69 yet , beware that this email is dark and full of spoilers. I just read that this episode is exactly 69 minutes long. Well played editing team!

Still no update on what I think I’m going to start calling our Contest of Thrones. That sounds much happier than Deathpool. There seemed to be more maneuvering the chess pieces on the board. Also, this episode reminds the audience about how much you love many of these characters right before the onslaught that is next week’s episode. The expectation is that many of these characters will be moved off the board permanently. Speaking of which, I don’t think all the killing will be handled by The Army of the Dead. Jealously and other intrigue may take some players (or player) out of the Game of Thrones. But that’s just my speculation…

So the recap:

1.We join our heroes just in time for “Everyone Hates the Lannisters.” Dany is reminding Jaime about that nickname that he hates, and for good measure, she lets Tyrion know that he hasn’t been so good at his job. Sansa piles on before Lady Brienne speaks up. Brienne’s intercession provides Jaime the reprieve that will keep him safe until the horde of zombies arrives.

2. With Jon Snow’s new knowledge of his lineage, his interactions with Dany are super awkward

3. If you’re making the case that Dany is not fit to rule, the evidence is building. One might say she’s erratic. Her threats to Tyrion aren’t exactly inspiring. In my opinion, she has crossed into the “win at all costs” mentality. And we all know, this is the path to the Dark Side. More on this later.

4. Speaking to Bran must be like talking to a really pessimistic Yoda. He knows everything that’s happening, but only tells you the bad parts. He explains to Jaime that he didn’t tell everyone the truth because he doesn’t want everyone to murder him. A word of advice, don’t have Bran give the pep talk to the troops before the fighting begins.

5. Brienne takes pride in the competent killing machine… ehm swordsmen… she has created in Podrick Payne. By the way, do we all recall that Pod is a distant cousin of Illyn Payne, the guy who cut Ned Stark’s head off?

Family likeness in these Royal Paynes?

6. Jorah suggests that Dany extends the olive branch to Sansa. In the conversation, Dany mentions how she needs Tyrion to be ruthless when necessary (because that’s what winners do). Kudos for Dany using the proper English “who manipulated whom.” Things appear to be going well, but the sticking point comes up – who rules the north?

7. Theon returns to Winterfell! He hasn’t had the best performances in his old stomping grounds. In season 2, he botches the execution of Ser Rodrik, and he convinces the people of Winterfell that he has killed Bran and Rickon. He does come through in helping Sansa escape Ramsey Bolton. This certainly explains the warm welcome Sansa provides.

8. Greyworm and Missandei make plans about the future. Too much talk about the future is akin to dancing around a seemingly incapacitated Mountain. ☹

9. Edd, Sam, and Jon (oh look, there’s Ghost)

10. Tormund’s story about the giant and his drinking habits are… alarming?

11. Those rooting for Arya and Gendry are probably excited now. Though, is this a REAL relationship or something less?

12. My favorite part of this episode is Jaime knighting Brienne. The words used in this ritual are pretty awesome.

“In the name of the warrior, I charge you to be brave. In the name of the father, I charge you to be just. In the name of the mother, I charge you to defend the innocent.”

While Brienne is newly knighted, she has been doing amazing things ever since we met her in season 2.

One of the best parts in all of Game of Thrones history. Worth another viewing!

13. Lyanna and Jorah have their reunion.

14. As Pod serenades us, Sansa looks at Theon, rather longingly in my opinion.

15. So Jon tells Dany about his mother, his real mother. Dany’s reaction is a little on the pissed off side. Dany’s look at Jon changes from one of affection to that of someone looking at an obstacle. It’s a good thing that the horns sound because I think Dany was ready to pull out a knife and remove one of her rivals. That may still happen. And yes, that’t my new bold prediction – Daenerys goes full darkside and removes Jon Snow from the Game of Thrones. Predicted method: Death by Dragon.

Still no points on the board. That’s likely to change when the Battle of Winterfell begins.

Justin Ledesma, breaker of rules

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