Greetings Wild… lings? I’m not sure how I should refer to this group yet, but it’s kinda like Wildcats. I’m open to suggestions, and I have a few other Cat ideas to try.

Consider this your recap/smack talking as we progress through our… deathpool? Wow, that does sound morbid. Also taking suggestions as to how to refer to our contest.

What is taking so long George RR Martin?

So week 1 is in the books (well, technically not, thanks George RR Martin), and there hasn’t been a lot of action. Unless you count Euron Greyjoy and Cersei Lannister. In retrospect, that might have been a prop bet. I’ll keep that in mind when we get to the last season of the GoT prequel.

You ain’t never had a friend like me!

It’s hard to believe that with one episode down, there are only 5 left to go. On May 26, I’ll have a lot of free time, especially after I cancel HBO Go again. It’s a good thing the Will Smith Aladdin will be in theaters just in time. More on that later.

So what to say? Let’s do the bulleted version:

  1. New opening credits! What are we seeing? Your insights? Locations I recognize – What’s left of the wall, Winterfell and the Crypt where everyone is buried. By the way, before we cut to the next location, we see a carving in front of the sun. There is a lion on the left. Not sure what is in the middle and on the right is a man holding someone’s head.

    And to King’s Landing. You see what’s below the Red Keep where the skulls of the dead dragons are. And then the Iron Throne at the end.

What do these symbols mean?

2. Jon and Dany arrived in Winterfell with Dany’s army. Sansa gave her best fake welcome. Remind you of the very first episode when King Robert came to Winterfell?

3. Most of the northerners are peeved that Jon is not King in the North anymore, especially Lyanna Mormont. By the way, she and Jorah are cousins. Jorah as you might remember was exiled. Will we see a happy reunion?

4. Was hoping for a happier Tyrion and Sansa reunion.

5. The Golden Company has arrived in King’s Landing with just under 20,000 soldiers. No elephants though :\

6. Euron Greyjoy does a combination jedi mindtrick/oscar performance.

7. Ser Bronn has come a long way, but will he betray 2 of the people he would probably call friends?

8. Theon rescues Yara. Does her heading back to Pike make her safe for the duration of the show? Theon though heads back into the fire… and ice.

9. Dany and Jon go ride some dragons.

Game of Thrones ends May 19. Aladdin hits theaters on May 24. Coincidence?

10. Gendry, Arya and The Hound reunite. What does Arya ask Gendry to make? People are shipping Arya and Gendry. Gendry is a darkhorse candidate for the throne.

11. Samwell meets Dany and it starts out so well, but then we start talking about family. Jorah hangs in the back and is kind enough not to say “I told you so.” You have to hand it to Sam. He is kinda upset for a man who threatened to kill him a few times. But the waterworks really start to come at the news of the loss of his brother.

12. Sam reunites with Jon, and drops some truth!

13. It’s good to see that Edd Tollett (I now believe to be the Wedge Antilles of the show), Beric Dondarrion (one of my favorite last names in the show), and Tormund Giantsbayne (Brianne does love you) survived the destruction of the Wall. But now they’re in what’s left of Last Hearth, the home of House Umber. We get our kinda major fatality of the episode. Young Ned Umber has been left as a message and SEVEN HELLS!!! What was that scream?! If you’re keeping score, Ned counts as a Wight. And then Beric burns him. It’s too bad he’s not on our list of names.

14. Oh! And you remember that time when Jaime threw a kid out a window?

That’s all for now. Tune in for the 69th episode of Game of Thrones later tonight.

Valar Morghulis,
Justin Ledesma, first of his name and protector of the realm.

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