Last of the Jedi

Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi is a young-reader series by Jude Watson. The story centers on Jedi Knight Ferus Olin between Episode III and Episode IV in the year 18 BBY.

#TitleTimelineRelease Date
1The Desperate Mission18.5 BBY5/1/2005
2Dark Warning18.5 BBY9/1/2005
3Underworld18.5 BBY12/1/2005
4Death on Naboo18 BBY4/1/2006
5A Tangled Web18 BBY7/2006
6Return of the Dark Side18 BBY12/1/2006
7Secret Weapon18 BBY4/1/2007
8Against the Empire18 BBY10/2007
9Master of Deception18 BBY2/1/2008
10Reckoning18 BBY5/7/2008

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