Books – Current Canon

Rise of The Empire – Prequel Era – Age of Republic

ChronologyTitleAuthorRelease Date
Dooku: Jedi LostCavan Scott 4/30/2019
Thrawn Ascendancy: Book I: Chaos RisingTimothy Zahn5/5/2020
Master & ApprenticeClaudia Gray4/16/2019
32 BBYThe Phantom Menace5/19/1999
Queen’s ShadowE.K. Johnston3/5/2019
Dark DiscipleChristie Golden7/7/2015
22 BBYAttack of the Clones5/16/2002
22 BBYClone Wars (Movie)8/10/2008
22 – 19 BBYClone Wars (TV Series)10/3/2008
19 BBYRevenge of The Sith5/19/2005

Rise of The Rebellion – Age of Rebellion

ChronologyTitleAuthorRelease Date
13 – 10 BBYSolo: A Star Wars Story5/10/2018
AhsokaE.K. Johnston
Catalyst: A Rogue One NovelJames Luceno
Lords of The SithPaul S. Kemp
TarkinJames Luceno
ThrawnTimothy Zahn
Rebel RisingBeth Revis
Most WantedRae Carson
A New DawnJohn Jackson Miller9/2/2014
Leia, Princess of AlderaanClaudia Gray
Guardians of The WhillsGreg Rucka
5 – 1 BBYStar Wars: Rebels (TV Show)10/3/2014

Classic Era – Age of Rebellion

ChronologyTitleAuthorRelease Date
0 BBYRogue One: A Star Wars Story12/16/2016
0 BBYA New Hope5/25/1977
0 BBYFrom A Certain Point of ViewAnthology
Battlefront II: Inferno SquadChristie Golden
Heir to The JediKevin Hearne
Battlefront: Twilight CompanyAlexander Freed
3 ABYThe Empire Strikes Back5/21/1980
4 ABYReturn of The Jedi5/25/1983

New Republic Era

ChronologyTitleAuthorRelease Date
Lost StarsClaudia Gray
Alphabet SquadronAlexander Freed
AftermathChuck Wendig
Life DebtChuck Wendig
4 ABYEmpire’s EndChuck Wendig
Last ShotDaniel José Older
10 ABYThe Mandalorian11/12/2019

Age of Resistance

ChronologyTitleAuthorRelease Date
29 ABYBloodlineClaudia Gray
34 ABYThe Force Awakens
PhasmaDelilah S. Dawson
Galaxy’s Edge: Black SpireDelilah S. Dawson
Force CollectorKevin Shinick and Tony Foti
Canto BightAnthology
34 ABYThe Last Jedi12/15/2017
Resistance RebornRebecca Roanhorse
35 ABYThe Rise of Skywalker12/20/2019

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