Galaxy of Fear

Galaxy of Fear is a young reader series that follow Tash Arranda, Zak Arranda, their Shi’ido uncle Mammon Hoole, and his droid DV-9. The story takes place in the aftermath of the destruction of Alderaan. The series was written by John Whitman and released from 1997 through 1998.

#TitleTimelineRelease Date
1Eaten Alive0 ABY (6 months ABY)1/1/1997
2City of the Dead0 ABY (6 months ABY)1/1/1997
3Planet Plague0 ABY (6 months ABY)4/1/1997
4The Nightmare Machine0 ABY (7 months ABY)5/12/1997
5Ghost of the Jedi0 ABY (7 months ABY)7/7/1997
6Army of Terror0 ABY (8 months ABY)9/8/1997
7The Brain Spiders0 ABY (9 months ABY)11/10/1997
8The Swarm0 ABY (9 months ABY)1/12/1998
9Spore0 ABY (10 months ABY)3/9/1998
10The Doomsday Ship0 ABY (11 months ABY)5/11/1998
11Clones0 ABY (11 months ABY)8/1/1998
12The Hunger1 ABY9/8/1998
Tash and Zak Arranda

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